Are You Safely Whitening Your Teeth?

In pursuit of a perfectly white smile, some people make bad decisions when it comes to teeth whitening. The availability of teeth whitening kits in pharmacies and supermarkets has many people trying to whiten their teeth themselves. Although it is possible, there is a potential for disaster. Here are some commonly made teeth whitening errors and how you can avoid them: Brushing with Whitening Toothpastes Daily A whitening toothpaste is good for removing some surface stains. Read More 

Common Causes Of Jaw Pain And How Your Dentist Can Help

Brushing, flossing, and routine checkups are necessary for your oral health. However, many people experience pain and discomfort in their jaw even when following recommendations by a dental professional. Stiffness, swelling, and even severe pain of the jaw may be caused by a few conditions that can be treated, but a proper diagnosis is important. Here are a few common causes of jaw pain and how your dentist can help you find relief: Read More 

Tips For Dealing With A Major Toothache

If you have suddenly found yourself with a major toothache, you may want to do everything you can in order to ease some of that pain. To do that, you will need to take a few moments of your time to consider making use of the following suggestions. Rinse With Salt Water Add a teaspoon of salt to cup of warm or hot water. Make sure that the water is warm enough to dissolve the salt, but not too hot that it would burn the inside of your mouth. Read More 

Dental Restorations: 2 Reasons To Replace Your Old Composite Fillings

If your old composite dental fillings appear in good shape, you might not think it's necessary to replace them with new restorations. Although composite fillings make excellent restorations, they can wear down from old age. In addition, decay can develop inside your filled teeth or below your gumline. Without a thorough dental exam, you may not even know that you have decay in your filled teeth. Here are reasons to replace your old restorations with new ones. Read More 

Four Advances In Dental Implant Technology You Should Know About

If you're like many people, you think of dental implants as a  time-consuming and possibly even painful process. After all, the traditional process involves three separate stages -- first the implants themselves, then the post, finally, the crown -- and this procedure can take up to a year in some cases, with infection and other potential side effects frequently being part of the picture. However, recent technology has changed significantly in ways that make the process much easier for patients. Read More