Getting To The Heart Of The Matter: How Gum Disease Puts Your Ticker At Risk

Having gum disease isn't fun for anyone. It can be painful, gums can bleed, and without treatment, it can potentially lead to total tooth loss. However, that's not where the problems of gum disease stop. If you think you might have gum disease and haven't sought treatment, you should know that putting it off could potentially put your heart at risk. Here's how something like gum disease can potentially hurt your heart. Read More 

Worried About Tooth Loss? 4 Reasons Your Dentist Might Recommend Extractions

If you've been putting off your dental work because you're afraid of needles, or you're worried about pain, you should know that routine dental care can help you avoid those uncomfortable encounters with your dentist. That's why it's crucial that you go in for those semi-annual dental exams. Failure to see your dentist for those semi-annual dental exams can result in the need for extensive dental work, including tooth extractions. However, your dentist won't recommend extractions unless it's absolutely necessary. Read More 

2 Essential Tips For Maintaining Braces

The teenage years are the best time to fix crooked teeth, which is why braces are so common at a young age. Braces can leave a teen with a perfect smile by the time they graduate high school if the procedure is started early enough. However, braces are not something a teen should ignore since there are essential ways to maintain them while they are making those necessary adjustments. Make sure your teen knows these two things as they start the process of wearing braces. Read More 

3 Types of Gum Pain & Complications to Address with a Dentist

If you are having some issues with your gums and you haven't been to the dentist in a while, its time to make an appointment. The dentist can do an assessment of your gum tissue and teeth to determine what is causing the pain or problems that you notice, and to see what the best option is for you to move forward with your oral healthcare. Talk with your dentist about the following things, and make some of these changes to improve your gum health. Read More 

Helping Your Child Deal With A Loose Tooth

The loss of a baby tooth can be kind of a strange time for small children. They may have heard about the tooth fairy and her magical money-manifesting abilities, or they may be very nervous about what's going to happen after hearing what a friend went through. If your child now has a loose tooth and is not handling it that well, you can help him or her change the perception of that loose tooth in a number of ways. Read More